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Jeweltree is accepting BitCoin’s

December 20, 2015

The world has become a much smaller place, much to praise to the internet and digitalization.
Hence, one of the exciting new features we’re experimenting with is BITCOIN.


Now, you’ll hear all kinds of stories about this digital currency. That it’s supposed to be the currency for criminals and terrorists. The real scary part, however, for those who oppose it, is not that criminals and terrorists use it, but that everybody else starts using it.

I raise you the image of an Ukranian protester, holding up a sign with a bitcoin QR code. Raising funds for his cause, without the need of an intermediary.
Anyone could, from the comfort of his or her own home, donate directly. It could be a dollar, 100 dollars or a multitude of that. You wouldn’t need to go to a bank, file paperwork or anything. Just sit back, scan the code with your smartphone and free bitcoin wallet app, punch in the amount you wish to donate and hit sent. They’ll have it in seconds with virtually no overhead.
Try to do that in a conventional way.

To mitigate the risks we are using BitKassa. A Dutch initiative to make bitcoin payments easier and more widely accepted.

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