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Jeweltree’s cooperation with INSPIRA

May 18, 2015

Jeweltree’s cooperation with INSPIRA

Many customers will be fully aware we have been successfully working with Inspira Diamonds Pty Ltd in Australia since 2011.  

Insira Diamonds is dedicated to responsible, ethical & traceable diamond & gem sources and its team has been at the forefront of the diamond market for decades.

Jeweltree and Inspira have noticed a growing consumer awareness, and an increased use of the Jeweltree certificates.
We are excited to announce we have developed a system for Jeweltree certification that will hopefully expedite the issue of Jeweltree certificates in future.

Jeweltree Supporters who order White diamond goods from Inspira can be sent the Jeweltree certificate directly with their goods order.
Inspira will lodge the details of the certificate into the Jeweltree system on behalf of the customer, ship the certificate and the diamond goods, therefore allowing the certificate to accompany goods.

This will benefit Jeweltree members by:

  • Simplifying the certificate order system for members
  • Decrease the cost of shipping the certificate on its own
  • One place to order goods and certificates
  • Faster delivery of the Jeweltree certificate

The cost of the certificate will be converted to AUD and added to your Inspira invoice.
This fee will then be paid to Jeweltree so  the important work of the Foundation can continue.

Please note this new process only apply at the time of actual invoicing and shipping. Future requirements for certificates must still be processed as usual from JT.

For those customers who are not aware of our work with Inspira Diamonds:

Jeweltree and Inspira’s Traceability Procedures

Please see the Jeweltree website and blog section for more details.

We hope this new process facilitates Inspira’s customers use of the Jeweltree certificate.