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Network Partners
Network Partners sell goods that are eligible for Jeweltree Certification.
Network Partners provide detailed information about their purchases. This information is incorporated into the Jeweltree Database.
Jeweltree verifies this information whenever a certificate needs to be issued.

For more information about becoming a Network Partner please contact:



Open Source Minerals® - Open Source Minerals
Open Source Minerals® is one of the first Network Partners to the foundation and is providing support to artisanal and small scale mining communities.


Fair Trade in Gems & Jewellery -
Fair Trade in Gems & Jewellery is an initiative from Thomas Siepelmeyer. It is a cooperation with the Eco Andina Foundation in Argentina to bring mercury free artisanal mined gold to market.
Fair Trade in Gems and Jewellery works with the miners cooperatives in the Argentina Puna to help them with ecological mining techniques and assist in bringing the goods to market.


Niccolo Bella Designs -
Niccolo Bella is a new established brand in the US offering luxury jewellery made of Oro Verde gold and ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones.
The whole of Niccolo Bella's production is according to Jeweltree Certification.


Inspira Diamonds - Inspira Diamonds
Inspira Diamonds Pty Ltd is a wholesale distributor of socially and environmentally responsible diamond and gems and a great source for Jeweltree certified melee.


AA Ädelstenar - AA Ädelstenar
AA Ädelstenar is a wholesale distributor in Sweden for traceable diamonds and gems.

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